Blue Stream

Blue Stream is an enhanced version based on the latest cabin update, Scania Streamline, a very fuel-efficient truck due to its improved aerodynamic features.

Blue Stream really stands out in a crowd. The vibrant color is a bright blue metallic that changes its appearance according to the angle and lighting. The streamlined shape of the truck is accentuated by the silver, black and magenta colored stripes along its sides, a combination of colors celebrating the now classic 90’s Streamline model, seen here in a modern form.

To further emphasize the Scania identity and to provide a touch of exclusivity we chose to varnish the front, side view mirrors and cabin window frames in shiny black. The truck is in production as of now in a limited edition consisting of 200 vehicles – each numbered with the Blue Stream emblem on the fascia.

The truck styling may be is bold and striking, but Blue Stream trucks are also extremely well-suited for all types of tough transportation tasks that require the kind of solid power that Scania’s V8 engines provide.

Blue Stream will be available to order in European markets with any of the four V8 engine outputs: 500hp, 560hp, 620hp and 730hp.

For more information on Blue Stream, read the Scania Marketing News on the vehicle here: