In the spring of  2008, we delivered 40 Scania Topline R-620 4×2 Blue Shark concept trucks  to Scania Italy.

All of the Blue Shark trucks Samtliga were personally delivered from the ItalScania studio in Trento, Italy.


In the fall of 2008, we delivered Six Scania Topline R-500 6×2 “Skåne Edition” to Scania Syd. 3-layered Pearl Metallic in orange with a Griffin décor motif under the clear finish that had been polished to a shine. Specially made leather interior design, multimedia package and xenon lights.


In the summer of 2006, we delivered 32 Scania Topline R-230 “The Griffin” to Scania Italy. Among its special features, this edition had leather interior with Silver carbon-detailing and LED brake lights on the wind deflectors.

For more images of our Limited Edition, see the gallery