Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition Series are custom made Scania trucks as a part of our collaboration with Scania. Our objective with these unique trucks is to enhance the Scania styling, and even though we are using the full range of our creative ability, we  always respect the feel of the original truck.

We are experts at finding the ultimate balance between good production economics, lead times, sustainable and easily recognisable design, combined with the eye-catching colors and features distinguising the Limited Edition series from Svempa’s. We never settle for anything less than the perfect standalone identity.


When creating a new edition, we start out by making a few basic sketches to outline a concept so that we can discuss it with the Scania team.


We proceed by creating advanced illustrations on paper and then eventually also accurately measured 3D layouts and realistic digital illustrations.


After a thorough process the project is transitioned from the sketching pad and the computer to our workshop where a first prototype is constructed.

Have a look at our latest editions below!